Good Morning, Good Night, Toemateoh, Toemahtoe

Good morning to you all!

It’s 9:30 in the evening in Japan but you all are just waking, or will be waking soon, from your slumber. In Minnesota it is 7:30am. It’s crazy to think that rush hour has began, people are driving out of their way to a coffee shop for a “pick-me-up” before their work day even starts, and office buildings are beginning to fill with sounds of keyboards clicking. Wow – the daily grind for my friends in the United States has just began, and here I am.

I have just gotten home from one of the best meals I have had in Japan thus far. My family and I went to a traditional styled Japanese restaurant in the Shiodome Tower named Harahoro Hirehare. If you’re ever visiting the Shiodome district eat here! It is a bit intimidating, I admit, but I think the intimidation comes from the (my) lack of familiarity with the customs. For instance, before you go into the restaurant you must take off your shoes before entering on the raised platform. I knew this prior to going inside the restaurant but the act of actually taking off my shoes before going in was kind of scary! Does that sound stupid? Okay – that sounds stupid, but you go into a totally different culture and take off your shoes before eating at a traditional restaurant and see how confident you feel.

The awkwardness and self-consciousness was well worth it! The staff was so sweet and patient with us. They even offered an old English menu and attempted to make our language barrier a non-barrier. Once I had a few glasses of Jasmine Plum Wine all the worry if I was doing something culturally offensive washed away and I sat back and had a great time with my family and the staff at Harahoro Hirehare.

This is our last night staying in Tokyo but if it weren’t our last night I would eat there again!

Anyhow, I am extremely exhausted from the days adventures. Tomorrow morning we are leaving Tokyo for Osaka to stay at a hostel and go to a baseball game (!!!!! I love baseball). We are only staying at Osaka for one night and then we’re off to Kyoto for three nights, Fuji for two nights. A lot of places to see and not a lot of time to see everything (guess that’s an excuse to come back).

I’m not sure when I will have access to WiFi again – but I will go to coffee shops at least a few times until I am back in the United States to update you all!

I promise, pictures will be uploaded soon!

Until next time, xox


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