Tokyo, Japan

Greetings from Tokyo, Japan!

I’m writing with my younger sister’s extremely small netbook, dreaming of how great my life would be if I had a cup of coffee to go with this blog update. Hotel rooms in Tokyo, Japan are not similar in size to the ones in America – so fitting five adult people in two rooms has been a challenge. But, right now – it is perfect. I am sitting alone in my hotel room bed, the window curtains are cracked open, and the sun is slowly rising. Really though, a nice cup of medium roast coffee would really fit my mood. Currently, it is 4:56am on Monday here and 2:56pm Sunday in Minnesota. I’ve been up since 3am here so it is becoming apparent that I have a little bit of jet lag – oh well, bring me the coffee and I’ll be fine.

On Friday early morning we had my boyfriend, Alex, drop all of us off at Minnesota/St. Paul Airport. From there (after we got our coffee) we took an American Airlines flight from MSP to Dallas and then took the same airline from Dallas to Narita-Chi, Japan. All in all I think we spent about 16 hours in the air. Luckily, we flew standby so on our flight from Dallas to Narita-Chi and fate would have it that we all got into business class – which was so awesome.

First things first: I am enjoying my experience so far in Japan. Mostly, for the quality time I am getting with my family again. Now that we are all getting older it is much harder for us all to get together at the time same time. 

Second things second: My thought all day yesterday – Holy Starbucks. There seems to be more here than there are in the south! On almost every street, every subway station, and every mall there are at least one or two. It doesn’t stop with stores either, family marts, grocery stores, little food vans – they all have Starbucks options in to-go containers (similar to the Starbucks drinks at gas stations). In America, having a Starbucks in your hand used to be a source of status – it told other people who you were or who you’d like to be. Yet, now that the “go local” movement is such a trend, chain coffee shops are becoming less fashionable and having traveling tumblers from the local coffee shop down the street is more “in”. Here in Japan though, Starbucks is still their source of status – along with the iPhone. Really, it’s quite interesting phenomenon.

Yesterday, after we figured out the subway system, we went to Comiket. My brother (who knows way more about this than I could ever dream) explained to me that Comiket is a comic market. It is the largest dōjinshi fair and is held two times a year in Tokyo. It is extremely popular and I think this is because, from my understanding, dōjinshi, means self-published Japanese works.

At this convention, there must have been hundreds of thousands of people (not being dramatic), but there was little noise. My mom and I keep talking about how strange it was to have such an orderly, quiet mass event. Now – don’t get me wrong “orderly” may be a little too nice – but compared to conventions on the same caliber that I have been to in the United States, very orderly.

Unfortunately, due to our lack of Japanese skills we walked blindly into the wrong section of comics and our time at Comiket was shortly lived. 


Okay! I am in serious need of some coffee. Today we are going to see Tokyo Tower and then there is some talks going around that we may go to Disney World. So, I’m going to get some coffee, get dressed, and maybe I’ll blog again before I fall asleep!

I’m sure today will be much more interesting (:


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