American Boys Have a Romp in Cartagena: So What Else Is New? A short but insightful article with deeper look at the darker side of the night life in Cartagena.

“This week’s news includes a brouhaha about a group of American military men and Secret Servicemen enjoying the hospitality of Colombian women in Cartagena.

Except for the fact that these guys were supposed to be the advance team for President Obama… what else is new? Is this the first time men working for the US government have enjoyed the services of hookers in other countries– or in this country?”


After over 23 hours of traveling I am home.


I arrived Saturday late morning and have been on the go ever since.

It’s so odd being back in Minnesota.

Instead of having the ability to walk everywhere I need to go I have already used half a tank of gas.

Instead of having to purchase bottles of water I have filled my water bottle, given to me by my dearest friend Ari, with tap water.

Instead of having coconut rice, meat, and soup for lunch for a little over USD $3 I have to eat at home or else spend double the price of a Colombian lunch for a lesser amount and lesser health concious meal.

Instead of waking up every morning to a countdown, I’m waking up every morning to seven alarms warning me that although I have obligations for the day – I should stay in bed.


Instead of sitting on the wall that protected Centro from pirates, singing with one of my newest best friends playing his guitar – I am sitting at a coffee shop getting ready for a day of statistics class.

Instead of going out at night with my roommates asking, “Donde esta Mr. Pib” (that’s for you, Amanda!) I’m taking walks around my neighborhood until the early hours of the morning with my love.

WP_20130612_003It’s different.

It’s not bad, not better – it’s different.

My home is where my heart is. My heart happens to be split between Cartagena, Colombia and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

My next adventure outside of the coutnry? August – Japan!